What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Instructor: Armando “Toby” Bevelacqua & Michelle Murphy

Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center


Session Description: This session looks at several scenarios with discussion about each potential outcome. It looks at events that have already occurred, although we will not review, these events discussed are real scenarios.

Session Abstract: In many cases the discussion is focused around the idea of a singular issue.  We tend to approach the problem with a monoptic view. In general HazMat response is regarded as a complicated topic. When in reality it is just like any of the rescue disciplines a refined art, however as with any art review of the issues within context is how we learn.

We will identify a process towards, analyzing and thus controlling the risks and hazards that are present or may become a part of your incident. Discussing tactical problems, safety concerns and community impact. It is a balanced approach weighing the risk benefit towards a strategy and/or scene mitigation tactic.