We Got This! Is Your Department Really Ready?

Instructor: Bob Coschignano & Derek Schaumann - Hazmat 101 Consultants

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center


Whether you are a training officer, Battalion Chief or the Fire Chief, this class is for you! This presentation asks and answers the question, “is our department REALLY prepared to recognize and respond to a hazmat incident, especially those that arrive on scene first”? Too many times we think our department is prepared only to learn the hard and costly way that they are NOT!

  • Discuss the difference between operational response and that of a hazmat team.
  • What training is required?
  • How to prepare the first arriving units of a potential hazmat scene to include CO emergencies, Natural gas leaks, fuel spills etc.
  • What actions can we take.