Hazmat with Intent: Terrorism & WMD Response Tactics

Instructor: Adam McFadden

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Location: Edmond Fire Training Center


My session will include specific highlighted learning objectives, identify key speaking topics in the areas of Terrorism Response Procedures, CBRNE & Weapons of Mass Destruction Chemical Detection & Mitigation Equipment, which will also include an interactive group participation module. All participants will be provided handouts of my powerpoint, including various tactical worksheets to use during our group mock table-top exercise.


Curriculum Overview of Training Session:

  • Review of Domestic & International Terrorism Events in North America
  • Review and Discussion of Incident Command Systems for CBRNE & WMD Events
  • Understanding the Use of a Tactical Hazmat Worksheet to Manage the Incident
  • Mitigation Response Strategies for Bomb Threats, Chemical & Nuclear Attacks
  • Joint Response Team Initiatives for Fire, Police and Paramedics
  • Review of Tactics (Accountability and Entry Control, RECCE, Decon Techniques, Extraction, FTT, IC & Emergency Management Operations)
  • Group Case Study Discussions: Do we perform a snatch and grab rescue; or do we isolate the area to mitigate the hazardous material?
  • Hazmat and CBRNE Communication Benchmarks, Assigned Tasks (Command, RECCE in Hot Zone, PAR status, Decon Setup, Emergency Decon Established, FTT)

Practical Table Top Scenarios, Group Discussion & Group Questions