The Lost Art of Mentorship, Are We Failing Our Own

Instructor: Bob Coschignano & Armando "Toby" Bevelacqua

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center


Session Summary: At the firehouse we have many conversations around the kitchen table. It does not matter if it was a complicated extrication, HazMat incident, Fire or even a bread and butter incident. But if you really were listening, you were listening to generational experience. Sometimes the senior person starts the conversation, or the junior responder asks a question. However it starts, you are in the process of a mentorship, a relationship, a valued time of learning and you may not even realize it.

The conversations that transpires around the kitchen table are as valuable as initial training, and in some cases more so. A conversation that is basically mentorship spiced with education and a bond between responders. Do you have a mentorship program, a system for secession, or informal display of future leadership. In this session we will share several ways mentorship can occur. We will discuss, how one can start a program, but more important are the details of how to start the conversation. Lets have a conversation……

Course Objectives: This session will look at the following objectives:

Upon completion the responder should.

  • Value how a mentorship program can influence the next generation
  • Illustrate similar experiences for a positive secession plan
  • Describe ideas for starting the conversation and the directions outlined
  • Recognize the discussion for learning lessons and building relationships