Surviving and Thriving a Career as a 1st Responder

Instructor: Warriors Rest Foundation

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center


This presentation discusses the “Common Reactions” to workplace stress and trauma to illustrate the pitfalls of the First Responder work environment. The effects of job-related trauma as well as how to take control of your “off-duty” time will also be discussed. This course is easily adapted for presentation to different types of First Responder groups who may have different assignments and duties but often share similar “Common Reactions to Stress and Trauma”. Class interaction is encouraged by the Course Instructor.

  • Workplace stress comes in many forms that are often presumed to be “part of the job”. We discuss the cumulative toll these stressors have while providing useful tools to build resistance.  Cumulative Career Traumatic Stress (CCTS) often accumulates for First Responders through their entire career and doesn’t automatically “expire” upon retirement.
  • Trauma comes in many forms and can be more or less severe to individuals or groups even though they were at the same event. Understanding that both positive and negative reactions to trauma are normal provides relief to those who are often reluctant to share their concerns. Encouraging open conversations and discussing events with peer support, family, and friends is an important part of the course.
  • The course also provides First Responders with tools and resources to aggressively build a resilient lifestyle.