Hybrid Decon Awareness

Instructor: Frank Roberts

Time: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Francis Tuttle Technology Center


Used by hundreds of Military, Fire, HazMat, EMS, Police and other response agencies across the world! This Decon method is built upon decades of research by the military and federal agencies. Hybrid Decon will allow you and your team to conduct decon using the newest technologies and allows you to save time, personnel, logistics, sustainment costs, and space in your compartments. Learning this method will increase both safety and effectiveness and lower the cost of disposal for your agency or the responsible party. If your HazMat team, Response Agency, or Clean-up company is looking to improve your response to Chemical and Biological calls; learn the Hybrid Decon system. This simple system will reduce the set-up time and personnel required to operate a decon line. Hybrid Decon can be used in all temperature ranges and this course will teach you how to reduce or eliminate water usage and the need to contain the grey water waste. Learn why this method is proven effective for Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Biological Warfare Agents (BWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals + Materials (TICs + TIMs), Synthetic Opioids, Emerging Threats, Unknowns. Learn about the latest in decon concepts such as the “bar” method and “plate” concept. Decon methods have not kept up with new emerging technology! Solids, Liquids and Gasses all pose unique decon challenges and cannot be treated the same! Learn why Synthetic Opioids, TICs and TIMs, BWAs and Unknowns should not be spread or liquified on the skin during decon. Chemical and Physical properties can pose individual challenges and should be a consideration on type of decon setup!