Downrange Objectives: Tactical Incident Command Strategies for Hazmat Events

Instructor: Adam McFadden

Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Edmond Fire Training Center


It is vital on every hazardous materials emergency scene, we have a system in place to ensure that all downrange – fireground tasks are completed, to safely and effectively mitigate any hazardous material and its effects.
Incident Command is the standardized structure that allows for a cooperative response within various groups or agencies to coordinate response activities, without compromising any decision making or safety. Focusing on a risk-based response through the chain of command, and utilizing tactical checklists as an Incident Action Plan in a way to identify roles, and tasks to ensure scene objectives are met. This roundtable group session will identify how to better assess the situation through scene size-up, with objectives including product identification, the use of chemical detection monitors, choice of personal protective equipment along with on-scene decontamination strategies and procedures.
We will discuss the importance of having a Hazmat Safety Officer; and tactical priorities to make key decisions on-scene, such as rescue, recovery or spill response mitigation issues to consider. We will also review radio communication benchmarks for product related actions for fires or spills, life protection strategies for public safety and assistance requests for local mutual aid agencies.