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Known to many Fire Service Training patrons as the “Out West” facility, the Professional Skills Center admirably serves the Oklahoma fire service as its new title implies. Located just south of Highway 51, six miles west of Stillwater, the PSC is best known as Oklahoma’s major host site for fire fighter academies and various live burn training sessions.  The training ground is located on twenty-two acres, fourteen of which are currently secured for fire training.


The facility was funded in 1981 by the 1st session of the 38th Oklahoma Legislature through the leadership of Speaker of the House of Representatives Dan Draper, Jr.  The approved funding was also in cooperation with the Oklahoma Commission on Fire Protection personnel standards and education.  The appropriation for the construction of the fire training facility was $550,000.

On April 29, 1984 the facility was first used for a Fire Fighter I basic academy course under the leadership of Harold R. Mace, then Director of Fire Service Training.

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Fixed training facilities at the PSC include an interior burn building that yields Class A fires for interior attack training.  Three burn pits for flammable liquids fires as well as basic training with vehicle fires, dumpsters and such.  The PSC skills building is used for search, rescue, ventilation, and basic fire fighter skills training.  Other fixtures include trench and confined space rescue props.

CSR Trailer

Mobile training props are also under PSC facilities management, and are regularly deployed around the state.  They include the Hazmat Technician Skills Trailer, Confined Space Rescue Trailer, LPG Trailer and Fire Fighter Skills Trailer among others.

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