Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS®) Instructor eCard


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Instructor cards must be sent directly to Instructors and Instructor candidates. Please send Instructor Monitor Tool documentation to The PEARS Instructor eCard is the electronic version of the print PEARS Instructor card. It is a valid and more secure alternative to the printed card.

PEARS Instructor eCards are issued by AHA Training Center Coordinators to Instructor Candidates who successfully complete an AHA PEARS Instructor Essentials blended learning course, followed by required course monitoring by PALS Training Center Faculty, and registration on the AHA Instructor Network. eCards are issued through the eCards tool located on the AHA Instructor Network.

  • Associated Course : PEARS
  • Format : eCard
  • Product Type : Course Completion Card

• Electronic AHA course completion card

• Viewable online

• Valid alternative to printed AHA PEARS Instructor card

• Option to print as full-page or wallet-sized card once claimed

• Co-branded with the American Academy of Pediatrics

• For more information, see the AHA Course Card Reference Guide, available at

PEARS Instructor cards are for those who successfully complete all requirements to become an AHA PEARS Instructor. AHA Instructor eCards may only be issued by Training Center Coordinators.