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Overview & Outreach Philosophy

Overview & Outreach Philosophy

In 1997 OSU Fire Service Training began a new educational outreach endeavor for business, industry and government. The idea was to make available FST instructors and training resources to non-traditional fire service entities of Oklahoma and neighboring states. In keeping with the University Extension mission, the FST Industrial Programs Section was created to monitor training needs of industry responders, and to cultivate markets for a new mix of emergency responder training programs. For employers who invest in on-scene emergency response teams, OSU-FST provides cost-effective training solutions.

From industrial fire brigade fundamentals, to more advanced topics in hazardous materials, technical rescue, and incident management, OSU-FST takes innovative, market-oriented approaches to serve industry's demands for emergency response training and team building. We customize our training programs to meet customer's site-specific demands. Before delivery, we first seek to identify the customer's short and long-term training objectives, consider site-specific hazards, assess the response capability within and outside the plant, and to understand the business realities facing management.

Employing practical, performance-based instruction, OSU-FST programs are geared for adult learners seeking professional competence, growth, and assurance that the training they receive meets current national standards and prevailing regulations. The courses described in this catalog represent our most active programming areas. Each course--or portions of each course--can be tailored to meet company-specific training objectives.

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