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Challenging Certification Examinations

Challenging Certification Examinations

The OSU Fire Service Training Certification System is an open system, meaning that candidates may obtain training from sources other than OSU Fire Service Training. Candidates who challenge certification exams based on training they have received from an outside source will be required to document this training on a Training Verification Form. This form must be completed by the candidate’s fire chief/employer (or designee).

Candidates desiring to challenge a certification exam must receive prior approval from the Certification Manager. The Certification Manager may deny any challenge requests that are not received at least ten (10) working days prior to the exam.

Candidates may only challenge exams during scheduled certification exams. Challenge exams will not be given at the OSU Fire Service Training offices, nor will special challenge exams be administered. The Certification Manager will consider exception to this procedure when an organization has a reasonable number of candidates needing to test, when a candidate will have to wait an inordinate amount of time before a scheduled certification exam will be offered, or a candidate would be required an inordinate travel distance.

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