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Accrediting a Class

Accrediting a Class

Many agencies and organizations have requested OSU Fire Service Training recognition for training that is provided to their personnel through non-OSU Fire Service Training classes. In an effort to meet this request, OSU Fire Service Training has provided a process similar to other Oklahoma State agencies. An overview of this process and the required forms for submitting a class for OSU Fire Service Training accreditation can be found in this section.


It is important that you read and understand the conditions under which OSU Fire Service Training accredits non-OSU Fire Service Training course materials and/or provides material to assist in emergency responder training efforts.

  1. The Course Accreditation program was created to provide a central repository for lessons and curriculum.
  2. Accreditation means that a training program meets local or national standards of training.
  3. Accredited lesson plans and curriculum are provided for training purposes only.  Use for any other reason must be authorized by the author(s) or originally submitting agency.
  4. Some lessons and curriculum are "copyrighted" or proprietary and require a written waiver or release from the author(s) to be submitted with the request form.
  5. There is no intent, expressed or implied that "accreditation" indicates or in any way conveys OSU Fire Service Training approval of concepts, practices, handouts, reference sources, methods, techniques, products or devices, presented in OSU Fire Service Training accredited courses, unless such approval is explicitly stated by OSU Fire Service Training.
  6. Accredited OSU Fire Service Training lesson plans or curriculum are not reviewed to determine if they are current with respect to ordinance, law, regulations, statutes, or court decisions.  Lesson plans or curriculum users should conduct appropriate reviews to determine if material is current, legally correct, and not in conflict with agency or department policy, procedures, rules or regulations.
  7. Accredited lesson plans or curriculum content questions must be directed to the author(s) or originally submitting agency.

Accreditation means that OSU Fire Service Training has accepted a training program as meeting local or national standards of emergency responder training.  There is no intent, expressed or implied, that "accreditation" indicates or in any way conveys "OSU Fire Service Training" approval of concepts, practices, methods, techniques, products, or devices, presented in accredited courses unless such approval is explicitly stated by OSU Fire Service Training.  Accreditation also means the course will be taught by qualified instructors and that lesson plans, Pre-tests/Post-tests and training materials will be submitted to OSU Fire Service Training for accreditation prior to the course date.

All requests for training accreditation must be submitted in writing.  Course accreditation requests should be received by OSU Fire Service Training one (1) month prior to the course presentation date.  Course accreditation requests shall contain the following information:

  • A statement from the agency head or institution which states the reason OSU Fire Service Training accreditation is needed.
  • A course cover sheet, as per the example enclosed.
  • A detailed lesson plan, as per attached lesson plan example.
  • A resumé or summary of each instructor's qualifications, describing training experience in the particular subject.  Previously approved OSU Fire Service Training certified instructors must also submit resumes.
  • For each eight (8) hours of school, a Pre-test/Post-test is recommended with a minimum of ten (10) questions per test.

After reviewing the above documentation, OSU Fire Service Training shall notify the requesting agency head of OSU Fire Service Training course accreditation and assign an accreditation number to the lesson plan, or, if the documentation is incomplete and/or insufficient, OSU Fire Service Training will advise as to changes and/or additional information which is needed in order to receive OSU Fire Service Training accreditation.

Lesson plans will be accredited for the remainder of the calendar year in which it was originally submitted.

Accreditation may be renewed each year upon written request of the course instructor/curriculum writer and his/her agency head, at the beginning of the next calendar year.  This must be done to continue to use the course as mandated training.  Such a request should clearly state that no changes have been made to the accredited lesson plan.  Lesson plans which have been modified must be resubmitted, in total, and will be assigned a new number.

The sponsoring agencies/institutions shall provide certificates or awards if these are desired.  The certificate should show the accreditation number and the number of hours the class includes.

For accredited training entry on OSU Fire Service Training's training records system, the course instructor must provide OSU Fire Service Training with a roster which reflects participants names, their Social Security numbers, and the agencies which attending students represented.  (See course roster) Course rosters submitted to OSU Fire Service Training for accredited training entries must reflect the course number assigned by OSU Fire Service Training in the letter granting accreditation.

OSU Fire Service Training maintains training records for fire service personnel.  Upon written request, non-accredited, or in-service, training entries may also be entered into individual training files, however, such training entries will be recorded as basic continuing education and will not be accepted for purposes of meeting the training requirements established by the “Volunteer Firefighter Incentive Act”.



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